" [Jerome] With the Zatarax on are side Zorch will be invincible ."

"[Headlock] True then again who said we're giving this big fella to Zorch ?"

"[Jerome then grins] you dirty dog."

Jerome is Headlock's assistant and best friend. He is also subservient to Zorch, but far more loyal to Headlock.He is voiced by Jerome Benton


History Edit

Jerome usually accompanies Headlock throughout his multiple misadventures trying to get Boom Carts. Though he doesn't really say or contribute much, other than being Headlock's hype man, Etra once mentioned that he was "the muscle" of Headlock's schemes. Both Jerome and Headlock plan on betraying Zorch to rule the galaxy themselves.

Personality Edit

Jerome is more defined by loyalty than anything, particularly to Headlock. He mostly serves to assist Headlock during one of his insane schemes. Granted, he is a little more cautious than Headlock when it comes to dealing with Zorch, though his side of the story is often ignored.

Appearance Edit

Jerome resembles a pink, space lizard, excluding a tail. His eyes are a bright red. He dresses like a traditional general, wearing a black cape, green vest, green pants, black boots, and a black officer hat.While he doesn't appear to be a martial artist or melee fighter,he does have experience battling with arachnobots and controlling mecha as seen when fighting the boom crew.He also is seen as the pilot of Headlock's Spaceship.