"This is a story of me and my crew, Da Boom Crew. We created our own video game where we play heroes battle outer space villains, and all of our adventures are on these Boom Carts. But one day, we were sucked up by a supernatural vortex into a world identical to our game! Surrounded by monsters, aliens, and the evil Zorch, now we have to find all the Boom Carts to save our Universe."

Justin is one of the members of Da Boom Crew and Nate's older brother. He serves as the official leadership & general officer of the gang and is between forteen to sixteen years old.He is voiced by Jordan Francis.


History Edit

Like the other members of Da Boom Crew, Justin grew up in an orphanage. He had a hand in creating the video game and eventually was sucked into it during the Big Boom. In "Statue of Major Limitations", he began a video log using Dent that is updated in subsequent episodes. In "The Boo!", he was turned into a zombie and almost forced to hurt his friends by Zorch. However, he was able to fight it and returned to normal.

Personality Edit

Justin is a rational thinker and is more reserved than his brother. In "Boom vs Doom" its reveal that he has pyrophobia (a fear of fire) and lava however he overcome this by learning to react and use instinct instead of overthinking the situation similar to Nate.However, being team captain leads him to be a little egotistical sometimes. He can also be prone to jealousy whenever he meets he meets anyone who seems 'cooler' than he is an example being Dex a young alien warrior with his own crew .But overall he is the must mature and thoughful decision maker in his crew.

Appearance Edit

Like Nate, he has light brown skin and dark brown hair that forms somewhat of a messy afro. He wears a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers,overall his look resembles Omar from the "Proud Family" (Another one of Bruce W.Smith's animated series).He also wears elbow pads, though unlike Jubei, he doesn't seem to be a skateboarder. During a mission retreiving a boom cart he maqueraded as the head of the Grargon gang wearing yellow sunglasses an earring in one ear and a matching pair of blueish grey trousers and sweatshirt.His main weapons are twin laser guns called boom-zookas and an extendable slingshot that forms along one of his forearms.When temporarily transformed to a zombie he gained superhuman strength and projectile laser vision.His gift from the Yodiggians is a new "Whip" a spaceship after the pilot episode.He mention being very skilled in climbing have the nickname "Jungle-gym Justin" back home.