"As soon as I get the Astro-Navigator back online, I'll figure out where the heck we are. But I'm going to require an interface corrective implement, stat. [Silence] A wrench, you lug nuts!"

Ricki is a member of Da Boom Crew and is the only female on the team. She serves as the brains of the Crew, inventing many gadgets to help the team in their adventures. She is either thirteen to fifteen years old..She is voiced by Melanie Tonello.

History Edit

Like the other members of Da Boom Crew, Ricki grew up in an orphanage. She had a hand in creating the video game and eventually was sucked into it during the Big Boom. In "Boo!", Nate teases her for possibly having a crush on an old friend of theirs, Tommy, though it's never clarified if she did. However it's obvious that she had a crush on Justin. Also it was revealed in "Boom vs Doom" that she has a fear of water because she can't swim, though she learns how to in that episode she also mentioned taking woodshop instead of swimming lesson like her teammate Jubei.

Personality Edit

Ricki is the most intelligent character on the team, creating gadgets such as ziplines and a Boom Tracker, helping her team find the Boom Carts. However, she also frequently speaks in technobable, making it hard for the others to understand her. She's a hard worker and quick thinker, though quick to irritability and distrust.

Appearance Edit

Ricki has pale skin and orange hair, often in pigtails. She's the only character on the team with a defined eye color, which is blue, and has freckles on her cheeks. She wears a red jumpsuit with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, a blue bracelet with a red stripe, a black belt with storage compartments, and grey boots. She's also frequently depicted with green goggles. In "Wanted" to disguise herself as the female Grargon gang member she wore yellow sunglasses,a lavander scarf,purple pants and a matching tunic. Her main weapon is her gadgets, particularly Dent, though she also uses a metal bow stick with a green button to extend longer in hand-to-hand combat that also doubles as a set of nunchaku.